About Us

Inda Azibo

Indaiara is the founder and creator of Feed The Soul.  Originally from Bahia, Brasil, Inda (as she is known to many of her friends and clients) moved to the United States in 2006 after getting married. She has lived in various states both in the United States of America, and even around her home country of Brasil. Her food reflects her philosophy of healthy and flavorful food while still embracing and incorporating her culture when possible. Inda enjoys traveling and is constantly seeking new meal options that can be recreated to qualify for the clean Feed The Soul menu.

Ajamu “AJ” Azibo
Ajamu handles the general operations for Feed The Soul. AJ was born and raised in New York and has lived and/or worked in multiple major cities around the United States. He grew up eating a variety of dishes spanning cultures and varying in nutritional value. Following the passing of his maternal grandmother the summer of 1991 he committed to a Vegetarian lifestyle.