Can I order individual meals? 
Yes, on the Menu page you can order individual meals or pre-bundled packages. After selecting the item you will be able to select the portion size. If ordering one of our packages you may check the box specifying the dish you would like - example: Chicken, Turkey, Vegetarian. In the comments box you may identify any substitutions or allergies. 

Will I know what meals I'm getting if I order a package deal? 
YES. Simply select the check boxes and/or add comments. 

If you do not select any of the choices you will receive a mix of chicken, turkey, and fish. NO Vegetarian meals will be included unless specifically requested. 

Do I need to sign a contract for a specific time? 

No, we do not require you to sign a contract or order meals for a set period of time. You may order food for one week or one month. 

When will my meals be delivered? 
Meals are delivered Mondays and Wednesdays. Be sure you communicate with us regarding the time frame your food will arrive. 

Do you ship food to different states? 
No, unfortunately we do not ship our meals. We operate by delivery only in an effort to offer you the freshest products possible. Our meals are prepared after orders are placed, then neatly packed, and finally delivered to your home or business. 

How long do I need to heat the meals for? 
Most of our meals will only need to be heated for 60-90 seconds with the lid on or off. 

Do you offer any gluten-free options? 
All our meals and snacks are prepared using gluten-free ingredients. We do suggest contacting us if you have a gluten allergy and not a dietary restriction as some of our ingredients may have come in contact with a food / item that contains gluten.